group sessions

Quick Details

Duration: 90 Minutes

Availability: Daily

Times: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm

Enjoy Our Adult Playground With Your Group

During your group session, each participant receives 30 – 60 minutes of operating time on a bulldozer, excavator, or skid steer.

Get more information on different group sizes below:

For larger groups, call 1-888-DIGTHIS for more information.

Session Buyout:

Buyout a whole regularly scheduled session!

With each of our regularly scheduled sessions, we offer the opportunity to buyout the entire time for just your group. Session buyouts start at four or more people and include access to four to ten pieces of equipment. We currently have two bulldozers, four excavators, two track-type skid steer loaders, and two 5.5 ton excavators. How you decide to split up the time amongst your friends is completely up to you. Session buyouts are a great way to enjoy the Dig This experience with all your friends.

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Team Challenge:

Custom designed team building events just for your group!

Our TEAM CHALLENGE provides a friendly competition. All participants are separated into 2 groups. Guest are required to complete a variety of challenges with instructors to judge “Who Dug It Best!” Activities may include such challenges as, “Who Dug the Best Hole,” “Most Baskets (Basketball) Made,” and “Best Tire Pyramid.” Guaranteed to give your group a whole new sense of accomplishment and adventure!

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Group Session Pricing

4-8 people option 1$720
4-8 people option 2$1,140
5-10 people$1,425
10-20 people$2,426
21-30 people$3,456
31-40 people$4,486
41-50 people$5,516
51-60 people$6,546
61-70 people$7,576
71-80 people$8,606
81-90 people$9,636
91-100 people$10,666