Gather a group of your closest friends and tear up the world’s best adult sandbox!

Each participant will receive 30 – 60 minutes of operating time on either an excavator or bulldozer (depending on group size). Also available – both Dig and Destroy Packages, and Dig and Dine packages!

Push, pull and rip your way to excitement on our huge D5G Bulldozers.

After a safety orientation and warm up, you take the controls while your instructor guides you through exercises. Unless Excavators are more interesting to you! If so, dig, push and lift your way to fun on our massive 315C Excavators. After a safety orientation and warm up, you take the controls while your instructor guides you. Both of these and more available!

Whether you're 8-years-old or 108, you can drive real Earth-moving machines at Dig This®!

“This is one of those experiences that sounds a little bit ‘silly,’ to ‘dig in the dirt’ with a big excavator. But it’s absolutely fantastic, and is the kind of experience that you’ll never forget. My husband bought it for me as a present, and I had so much fun I was sorry when it ended.” -Linda M (Yelp)

“My husband and I went here on our most recent trip to Vegas. I was a bit apprehensive, as I’m not exactly a heavy machinery girl. But this place was great! We had such a fun time, and if we go to Vegas again we’re going back! My husband worked the excavator and I took the bulldozer. Learning to operate the machine, moving dirt around, pushing boulders and tires – so much fun! You get a really good amount of time with the machines, and they have you doing enough interesting stuff to keep it fun.” – Ali P. (Yelp)

“My husband surprised me with this for my birthday this year. He told me ‘I don’t want to get you things, I want to get you experiences.’ This was a great present! It was very empowering to have a 20-ton vehicle answering my every nudge of the joystick.” – Laura M.

“Equipment was in perfect condition and very easy to use; i was able to use the equipment within an minute of instruction! I had an awesome time and would definitely do this again. I could dig all day long, this was a great time and the staff was very helpful. I only did the mini dig and would definitely recommend the full dig experience!” – Mark C. (TripAdvisor)

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