Whether you're 8-years-old or 108, you can drive real Earth-moving machines at Dig This®!

“This is one of those experiences that sounds a little bit ‘silly,’ to ‘dig in the dirt’ with a big excavator. But it’s absolutely fantastic, and is the kind of experience that you’ll never forget. My husband bought it for me as a present, and I had so much fun I was sorry when it ended.” -Linda M (Yelp)

“My husband and I went here on our most recent trip to Vegas. I was a bit apprehensive, as I’m not exactly a heavy machinery girl. But this place was great! We had such a fun time, and if we go to Vegas again we’re going back! My husband worked the excavator and I took the bulldozer. Learning to operate the machine, moving dirt around, pushing boulders and tires – so much fun! You get a really good amount of time with the machines, and they have you doing enough interesting stuff to keep it fun.” – Ali P. (Yelp)

“My husband surprised me with this for my birthday this year. He told me ‘I don’t want to get you things, I want to get you experiences.’ This was a great present! It was very empowering to have a 20-ton vehicle answering my every nudge of the joystick.” – Laura M.

“Equipment was in perfect condition and very easy to use; i was able to use the equipment within an minute of instruction! I had an awesome time and would definitely do this again. I could dig all day long, this was a great time and the staff was very helpful. I only did the mini dig and would definitely recommend the full dig experience!” – Mark C. (TripAdvisor)

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