Dig This Academy will soon be accepting applications for our heavy equipment level one and two NCCER certifications. We are in process of getting our program certified with the Nevada State Commission on Post Secondary Education. This certification will give extra credibility to our NCCER program and give students assurance that our certifications have been reviewed and approved in order to offer a good quality start to your career as a heavy equipment operator.
Courses are expected to start Aug/Sept 2021.

There is no other heavy equipment training facility in Nevada that offers both class instruction and hands on experience to prepare you for the next level. Our 4 week programs are packed with key skill sets you will need to get started on a working construction site.
Heavy equipment operators are in big demand and if you are considering a new career or starting out in the work force then beginning a trade as a heavy equipment operator might be the right fit for you. Our entry-level courses will give you the jumpstart you need that will either segue into further on job learning or an apprenticeship.
Our journeyman trainers are ready to teach you the right skill set on multiple pieces of heavy equipment to launch your career. Read on for more information on our courses or contact us here or by phone at 702-222-4344


Dig This Academy is determined to offer only the best in training practices to jump start your career as a heavy equipment operator. Our level one program will give you experience on multiple pieces of equipment including excavator, back hoe and skid-steer. You will also meet industry professionals on off-site visits to working construction sites and heavy equipment dealerships. We offer more on level one than any other entry level trade school so that you get a good jump start on your career.


  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a drivers license
  • Have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Have been Fully COVID vaccinated
  • Be mentally and physically capable of safely operating equipment


Given the relatively low cost of our programs, lending institutions are not a good fit for both you and Dig This. If you cannot afford the total cost at registration, we can discuss a payment plan. Dig This Academy is actively looking at tuition assistance through State, Federal and Construction Association channels and will assist students in need as these funds become available.


Dig This Academy is building relationships with key employers and could potentially match you for the right job opportunity*. We will prepare you for job interview skills, resume preparation and job search techniques.


Dig This has access to multiple near by local hotels and have pre-negotiated discounted rates on single and double occupancy rooms with kitchenettes. You are welcome to coordinate your own accommodations. Accommodation is not included in tuition.


NCCER Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level One

Our level one 4 week course will consist of:


The Heavy Equipment Operators (HEO) program not only prepares workers for regular construction building  jobs, but also on infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and ports, (otherwise known as non building construction) and in mining and timber operations. HEO level one trainees will become proficient in the operation of a minimum of 4 common types of equipment.


The NCCER Core curriculum is comprised of the Basic Knowledge and Performance Objectives necessary for the trainee to both work and learn safely, and forms the foundation for successful completion of NCCER programs.

NCCER Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level Two

Students will advance to learn on larger and more technical equipment on excavators, bulldozers and loaders. This 4 week program will teach you an advanced skill set using these equipment types that will get the attention of potential employers.



A 40 hour course for single equipment types. This program will recognize a successful completion of hands on tasks and theory as outlined in the NCCER certification courses. These courses will cover these equipment types but not limited to: excavators, backhoes, bulldozers and skid steers.


If you have never operated heavy equipment before and are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, then try our 3 hour orientation program on a bulldozer, excavator, and skid steer loader. If you like what you experienced and want to move forward with our training program, the cost ($400) will be deducted from the enrollment fees.

* Dig This Academy cannot guarantee employment, career advancement or any particular earnings/pay.

This Academy endorses the certification programs offered by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)


Hiring a new operator, no matter what their experience, can be challenging if you cannot see first hand what they can do. Dig This Academy can be part of the interview process and put these potential hires through a series of exercises designed to meet your requirements. A small investment for the right hire!

Ed Mumm
Academy Director

James Boldrey
Lead Instructor

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